Glossomatheia is the first and only private language school in Greece, selected by the Department of English, University of Athens for university students teaching practice.

The choice was based on our education quality and innovative programs.

Welcome to Glossomatheia!

An innovative environment where experience, fresh ideas and modern methodologies, turn the love for teaching into the joy of learning!

For many years we have been at the top
 of the field of foreign language education.

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek as a foreign language


Programs for Young Learners

We offer classes for Young Learners from 3 years old on. We learn through an experiential, hands-on, learner-centered approach through Drama, Games and constant exposure to the language.

Inquiring Minds

We have developed a unique program for children and young teenagers. 
We learn by asking age-appropriate questions. We learn language by exploring the world.

Deeper Learning

In our innovative language program, Deeper Learning, we teach English through philosophical inquiry and thinking. 
Students at B2 level and above choose content areas and explore them deeply, acquiring both academic skills, life skills and the English language.

Programs for Adults

We teach through custom-made programs for grown-ups. Students can choose among Business English, Conversational Classes and specialized courses or exam prep classes.

Teacher Education

In Glossomatheia Lab we offer a series of teacher training programs, workshops, seminars and webinars. 
With our partner school, QUALIFY, we also offer Trinity teaching qualifications.
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ELT 2020

Gold Member

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Attending the CertTesol course at Qualify was a really enjoyable experience! 

The course assignments are designed in such a way that are educational, helpful and insightful for even the most experienced teacher. Our tutors were approachable and always available to answer our questions.

I was looking forward to the days of the course to learn with friends in a fun way!

I feel lucky that Mary and Mark shared their expertise with us! They are two remarkable and inspiring professionals, but above all caring people!

I definitely recommend the course to any teacher who is interested in improving their skills whether experienced or not!

Denise Theodossi

The CertTESOL course was by far the most rewarding teacher training experience I had ever received. It was a demanding course, but the guidance and support offered by the highly professional course tutors enabled me and the other course members to achieve our goals.  We received consistent and frequent feedback on our performance, which meant that we were always aware of our progress and any necessary changes we needed to make. The tutors provided us with a whole range of useful ideas, tools and materials to teach effectively.  Members of the course bonded closely and contributed to the supportive atmosphere. I can honestly say that Glossomatheia Lab was a perfect place to have undertaken this course.

Marianna Antonopoulou

CertTESOL is one of the best courses a teacher could do. It changes everything you know and if not then it adds More to it. It is hard but it’s worth doing it and every single step you make you gain something without any question. All the tutors in the course are excellent and always there for you at anytime and that was one of the reasons I chose to do this particular course.

Efthychia Vrouva

Glossomatheia gave me more than the ability to communicate in English. It gave me the Inspiration to do so.

Yorgos Garefalakis

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