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Kastritseas Digital Marketing

Agiou Ioannou 41, 15342 Agia Paraskevi Attikis
We have over twenty years of experience in the field of web design and digital marketing, ensuring top results for your website. Our certified services include website design and development, digital marketing and strategy implementation.

4 Diastaseis Architects

Salaminos 25, Cholargos 15561
About the Studio: The architectural office Four Dimensions was created in 2014, with the main objective of providing architectural services in the whole range of building projects. In our design journey we approach every architectural project, large and small scale, holistically and human-centered. Our designs are based on an understanding of the owner's needs, the end-user's experiential experience, the harmonious composition of volumes and their relationship to their surroundings, and the project's seamless functionality. Balance, light, materials, colours and textures are key elements of the compositional process. Our aim is to create integrated projects with a unique identity, which fulfil their objectives and provide a unique experience for the user.

Fab Graphics

Agiou Ioannou 102 - Agia Paraskevi Athens, 15342
ABOUT FAB GRAPHICS: We are a company of graphics art, advertising applications, and digital printing focused on modern business needs. Our name and logo is inspired by Faber, our playful cat that watches our every activity. WHAT WE DO: Aiming to provide full-range in graphic design services, our products are based on digital illustration and free design, inspired by hand-drawn sketches.

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Certificate of accreditation

Certificate of accreditation

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